The design identity of a generation


Spring 2019, I volunteered to help organize the Senior Capstone show for RIT Industrial Design. We wanted to showcase the diversity and character of our class, while maintaining consistency across a vast array of projects. This was our last hurrah and I wasn’t about to leave without a bang!  

I spearheaded a two-prong approach to establish an overall identity and framework for the student’s presentation material.  We refined a color palette based on general project categories. Emphasizing strong typography (sans Helvetica), I produced a series of promotional posters, as well as a gridded poster template with a full design system and example layouts. Students were all able to build their presentations using this flexible template system. Re:Design was a huge success and garnered acclaim for its presentation quality and spirit.  

The design team was complimented by the dean of our program, saying he "had never seen the collective student work look so professional."

RIT Industrial Design
Identity design, exhibit design
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