Polestar PRISM

Electric vehicle concept for 2040

A clean ride, in every sense.

PRISM is a vision of what Polestar can be. A scalable architecture that reduces an electric vehicle down to its core components and celebrates them.

Electrification opens opportunities for new vehicles that prioritize performance, efficiency, and people. By 2040, Polestar will have progressed to a dynamic transportation system that surpasses the constraints of internal combustion vehicles.

PRISM is built around passengers, with a functional exterior and maximized interior space. Optional autonomous driving allows freedom in motion. This basic vehicle consists of the cabin and two independent drive modules. Each drive module contains suspension, a motor, and a small internal battery. Drive modules can be paired with different passenger cores. Larger vehicles would use greater numbers of these modules to add stability, power, and range. The system honors simplicity and truth of function with a logical, minimal solution that is unmistakably Polestar.

Seamless electric system. A visual abstraction of the polestar brand.

Though already familiar with Polestar, I researched their brand philosophy to understand the essence of a Polestar product.

Elegant & Efficient

Swedish minimalism is ever present in the simultaneous simplicity and sophistication of materials and form expression. There seems to be no wasted space or material anywhere, everything is integral to the final product. The result is a polished, holistic package that satisfies on every level.


Polestar takes pride in its difference from other cars. They proudly display their electric internals and educate people about the innovative systems and solutions that power their products. This is as much a consumer electronics device as a vehicle. The focus is on driver and passenger experience, rather than supporting traditional automotive standards.


One system, every scenario.

Reduce an electric vehicle down to its basic components then create a scalable modular system. The most interesting thing to me about electric vehicles is that they have fewer components and moving parts. This opens the door to new form factors and design solutions.

Electric vehicle core elements:

Drivetrain - power source, motor, wheels/suspension
Cabin - passenger interior

The solution should be simple, with elegant forms that maximize interior volume. I decided to focus on a smaller package for 1-2 people with a drivetrain that could conceivably support larger vehicles as well.

exploration thumbnail sketches

Idea 1


I liked the appearance and visual presence of this form factor, but it wasn't simple enough and didn’t emphasize scalability.

PRISM concept 1 sketches

Idea 2

Cabin + drive modules

Drive modules can be removed/replaced/added to other vehicles. I chose this concept because it felt pure and the potential for scalability was integral to the form. It's easy to imagine how pods at various scales could integrate with multiple drive modules to support many transportation scenarios.

Polestar PRISM concept 2 sketches
Concept 2 perspective form refinement

With the design chosen, I focused on creating two impactful images that would communicate the system and user experience.

System exploded view thumbnails
Exploded view, final rendering
Experience image thumbnails
Driving experience, final rendering

PRISM was created for the #polestarconceptchallenge on Instagram, hosted by @polestarcars. Check out my instagram for more process work.

Tools: Procreate 5, iPad Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Figma

Thanks for reading!

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