Wyatt Coe is a New York designer creating elegant products & user experiences


Design with purpose

Great products start with a vision and drive change. I design for change. I am laser focused on people and utilizing the latest technology and techniques to anticipate their needs. My process starts broad and focuses down to the smallest details, ensuring quality and consistency from start to finish.


My multidisciplinary approach combines skills from across the spectrum of industrial, graphic, and digital design to create solutions that respect the big picture. The ability to communicate with a wide range of professionals makes me a valuable addition to any team. My understanding of technology, design and business helps me identify the challenges my clients face and craft solutions they couldn't find on their own.

Who I work with

I’ve brought my perspective and my skills to corporations, non-profits, teams, and entrepreneurs. All were left better than I found them, with newfound purpose, organization, and products that serve them and their customers as they should.

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I learned HTML to build this website for you. That's the kind of person I am. Good design comes from understanding a constantly evolving world. This requires constant learning, practice, and patience. I enjoy working with people who are similarly curious and ambitious.

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UX design for Berkshire Waldorf School

A growing private school recruited me to design a website that would incorporate their new brand, visually represent their quality, and serve as a nimble tool for newcomers and members alike. The result feels like the home of Waldorf in the Berkshires. You can visit the live site here.

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Exploring the MR future of product design

Mixed Reality will transform the way we design and experience products. This conceptual project stemmed from an interest in the technology, as well as a concern for sustainability and consumption. I designed and produced a 60-page book documenting the process that is available here.

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Outdoor seating for a college campus

I designed historical outdoor seating with a group of industrial design students for an annual RIT ID design sprint. After being selected by the school, I managed production over the following 18 months; casting concrete, leading a team of underclassmen and learning a literal ton.

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Patenting new product concepts with Xerox

At Xerox I was trusted with defining how they might expand their business into an entirely new market. My role required me to first understand both the market and the client, in order to design concepts that aligned the client’s business with Xerox’s technological capabilities.

Reinventing educational tech at NetDragon Websoft

During a summer internship in Fuzhou, China, I led a group of international design students to create tech solutions that would transform future classrooms.

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I use my industry knowledge and technical skills to create products with purpose 



Elegant design solves problems by reducing complexity and understanding who you're designing for



Quality products are timeless. A well-designed product doesn’t need to be redesigned next year



I am curious and constantly learning. I push myself to improve every day, physically, mentally, and professionally

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