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Summer 2017, I worked in Fuzhou, China at NetDragon Websoft Inc. alongside a team of international design students from five countries. Together, we developed innovative digital input tools for Promethean, with the intent of transforming future classrooms.

The Promethean Activ-Stylus enables remote control of digital whiteboard content, allowing educators to teach freely. We aimed to bring students and teachers closer together by providing them with intuitive tools that empower learning.  

Ergonomics were a huge focus, ensuring that users of all ages could comfortably use this tool to interact with digital whiteboards up close and at a distance.  Branding and CMF options were explored, evolving the identity of Promethean to better challenge competitors like Google and Microsoft.  The Activ-Stylus was designed by me, in concert other input tools created by the rest of my team.

NetDragon Websoft
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