How mixed reality will transform design

Mixed Reality Design

Can we use mixed reality to personalize a physical product experience in real-time?

While still in its technological infancy, I was eager to explore how MR can impact the way we design the world around it. The project stemmed from an interest in the technology, as well as a concern for sustainable production.

I envisioned a future vehicle platform based around function and performance that supports a digital experience. Using Gravity Sketch and an HTC Vive, I modeled my ideal digital vehicle and used a Microsoft HoloLens to overlay it onto a physical model.

The result was pure imagination fuel. This project forced the entire RIT industrial design department to reconsider the future of their profession. My output makes a case for the viability of VR as a design tool, demonstrates a product experience that is simultaneously physical and digital, opens up fascinating questions about physical/digital product interaction, and most importantly, offers a new approach to sustainable product design.

Download the full project here.

Student Project
Conceptual design, industrial design, graphic design
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