PS5 Slim

PlayStation 5 redesign

No matter what you think of the PlayStation 5 design, its stand feels like an unfortunate afterthought.

The expressive design of the launch PS5 has wonderful details, but it makes important functional sacrifices in the name of aesthetics. This is not the Sony way, so I reimagined the PS5 as a more traditional, functional console.

PS5 Slim concept
PS5 Slim exploded view

The PS5 Slim brings back the logic and geometric purity of Playstations past. The armored shell look remains, but is purposefully used as both a protective case and a vertical stand. Every component is made from simple lines and circles.

PS5 Slim panels invert to complement the form in either orientation

I love that the PS5 panels can be removed, it opens up options for customization, but only cosmetically. The plastic slide-lock connections are easy enough to use, but hardly satisfying, and the console itself looks naked without them.

The Slim's refined panels are integral to the console's form and function. The now magnetic panels invert to complement the desired orientation. It's a simple, impactful detail that evokes the same delight I felt when I noticed the hidden icons in the PS5 controller surface finish.

PS5 Slim vertical and horizontal configurations
Playstation 5 is a total design departure
PS5 Slim Ideation sketches

The PS5 Slim is diskless, but can support an external drive that replaces the top panel. This keeps costs down for the base console and avoids the half-baked bump.

PS5 Slim sketches
PS5/Ps5 Slim horizontal comparison

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