PS5 Slim

PlayStation 5 redesign

While I can only guess at many of the business, marketing, and technical incentives that resulted in the PS5 design, I find it fun to ask what if. Here is my alternate design for the PlayStation 5.

Alternate PS5 rendering

In this universe, there is only one model. The disk drive is an external module sold separately for those who want one. Why not make it opt-in? This keeps costs down for the base console and avoids the half-baked bump. The aesthetic, while honoring the 2-tone look, retains the logical geometry of previous PlayStations. I am particularly proud of the stand integration, which extends the side surface through a 90-degree arc to form perpendicular supports.

Ideation sketches
PS2-5 form sketches

This stand could be detached along with a portion of the side and replaced with the disk drive. I’ll update this post with the second configuration when it’s done.

Thanks for reading! If you want to see more sketches like these check out my Instagram.

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